About us

We are a bipartisan organization of Americans focused on upholding human values and the democratic principles of inclusiveness (pluralistic), justice and freedom. We support members of Congress and Senate, and those running for office irrespective of race, religion and background, to pursue our shared mission.


We are a bipartisan Political Action Committee supporting candidates for elected offices who support the expansion of human values. We are raising awareness of the key role of human values in achieving a global society of peace, justice, and well-being for all. We partner with elected officials, from both sides of the aisle to advance and identify issues that promote collective welfare. Encourage civic engagement of Americans from all walks of life, backgrounds, and ethnicities in the promotion of human values and celebrating diversity.


The mission of Americans for Human Values is the preservation and promotion of peace, equality, diversity, inclusion, unity, equal opportunity creation, and the individual and collective welfare of society, which is the need of the hour. Being the oldest democracy, the United States has a pivotal role in upholding human values all over the world.

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